Farmer's Wife Quilt: Just Some Pretty Photos

I've been hesitant to share this with you, dear readers, because the first photo I took of it on instagram three people kindly reminded me that technically I didn't finish the quilt because it's not *all* the blocks. Then someone sweetly informed me that it could have been balanced better. Oi. Everyone is a quilt critic! But guess what? It's done &....

I love this dang quilt. It's so special. I loved working on it with Angela and getting to know her. I love that literally of my quilting friends shared fabric with me so I have little pieces of all of them in it. I placed the blocks around themes; when I made them, friends who gave me scraps, certain memories. There is a little cluster from my Toronto friends, a little Sewing Summit cluster, a whole block just made from Heather Ross Country Mouse/City Mouse, which is so appropriate for my life. The blocks aren't perfect, they are chaotic, silly, fussy cut, wonky and unique.

I don't cuddle or sleep with this quilt, which is strange for me because I *use* my quilts to death. But this one is different. It's sort of emotional. So it's hiding in my hope chest with plenty of memories keeping it company.